Sakhalin Island

Sakhalin island  – остров сахалин

yuzhno-sakhalinsk – южно-сахалинск

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk is the prosperous administrative center of Sakhalin oblast which includes the island of Sakhalin and all Kuril islands. Thanks to a steady flow of petrorubles to Sakhalin's budget its capital is booming and changing fast for the better. The city is relatively small with neatly renovated apartment buildings, recently built hotels and office towers. If you travel by road you can take your car to Sakhalin. There is a ferry service between Vanino in Khabarovsk krai and Kholmsk in Sakhalin Island. In warm season book well in advance.

The Resurrection Church.

The railway station.

The Saint Jacob Church.

The Sakhalin administration building.

The administration building is decorated with mosaics.

The recently built Nativity Cathedral.

The cathedral stands next to the WWII memorial.

The October movie theatre.

The famous Russian playwright Anton Chekov traveled from Moscow to Sakhalin in 1890. Reminders of his trip can be found in all cities he stayed in. In 1893 Chekov published his story The Sakhalin Island based on his impressions and materials collected during the trip.